Top Gear USA just not doing it for you? Well, here's some potentially good news: Speed Channel has reportedly inked a deal with Mandt Bros. Productions to pilot a new automotive television series (currently untitled) hosted by Adam Carolla, Pulitzer-winning journalist Dan Neil, former NBA 'baller John Salley and Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire.

Consider our interest piqued by the cast alone. We've seen Carolla do his thing – including witnessing the taping of the un-aired pilot for the defunct NBC Top Gear project, which has nothing to do with the current iteration on History – and he definitely knows and loves cars.

Moving past the headline-generating Adam Carolla, we've long been fans of Dan Neil, and John Salley was rather good on The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Finally, Farah has carved out a nice niche and has garnered a fan base of his own on The Smoking Tire.

As far as the show's format goes, it sounds similar to the Top Gear model with "news and conversation centered around cars, as well as pre-recorded features shot on the road." It could be interesting, but we'll take our usual wait-and-see approach...

[Source: Variety]

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