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The first of four battery-powered Ancillary Power Vehicles (APVs) produced by Canada-based Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) has been delivered to the U.S. Military and is ready for active duty. The APVs, which are battery-electric light-duty vehicles that combine proprietary propulsion, power management and mobile communication technologies, will undergo extensive testing at the U.S. Army's Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Center (TARDEC) Micro-Grid project at Wheeler Air Base in Hawaii.

REV's APV contract with the U.S. Army calls for three 300 ACXs and a lone 300 AZX. Don't be too fooled by those acronyms, they're just converted production vehicles. The ACXs are based on the production Ford Escape while the 300 AZX is built around the Ford F-150 pickup truck platform. All four vehicles are powered by 125 kW permanent magnet AC motors and gearbox drive systems that deliver 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) of torque to the wheels.

REV expects to fulfill orders for more than 200 APVs by the end of 2011. Order are apparently streaming in from construction, utility, military and municipal segments and the company is preparing to scale up its operations to produce 15,000 vehicles by 2014.

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REV Delivers World's First 100% Electric Ancillary Power Vehicle (APV) to Begin US Tour of Duty

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rapid Electric Vehicles, Inc., has delivered the first of four revolutionary all-electric APVs to the US Army Tank Automotive Research Center (TARDEC) in Hawaii this week in partnership with Honeywell Aerospace. At the Wheeler Air Force Base the vehicles will be part of TARDEC's micro-grid demonstration making use of REV's unique bi-directional charging capabilities.

"REV is at the frontier of a major shift in the automotive industry. Distributed, rolling energy storage will be a game-changer"

APV stands for Ancillary Power Vehicle, all electric high performance fleet vehicles that are more than just zero emission trucks. APV's include REV's proprietary energy storage and powertrain system that allow vehicle operators to invert its stored electricity and power industrial equipment, buildings and homes, in effect a mobile energy transport system.

In North America power outages cost the North American economies over $100 billion dollars a year, due in part to the lack of energy storage. As such REV APV's are vehicles that provide considerable fuel savings to fleets and much needed storage on the grid. Using wireless control APV's can be viewed online as an energy storage resource distributed throughout a region. With a signal from the utility, APV's can instantly charge energy from and discharge energy to the grid wherever the vehicle is plugged, to help prevent blackouts and increase the reliability of power grids in the utility's local areas.

REV's CEO Jay Giraud explains, "REV's APVs lie at the intersection of the automotive and energy industries. Our APV technology is eliminating transportation emissions, networking large amounts of power and storage and making it highly accessible anywhere. APVs will change the definition of the car and bring accessible power and storage right into densely populated areas, where consumption is high and reliability is needed most."

REV's technology signifies a shift towards a more reliable grid system as more APVs hit the road. The US Military and Honeywell Aerospace is just one example of this shift. REV's launch partners include more than 25 APVs for the City of Santa Monica, the City of Surrey, City of Welland, Burlington Hydro and a major undisclosed power utility. More REV APVs will be rolling of the assembly line throughout the new year.

"REV is at the frontier of a major shift in the automotive industry. Distributed, rolling energy storage will be a game-changer," according to Jigar Shah, CEO of the Carbon War Room and founder of Sun Edison.

REV has additional launch partners in the construction, utility, military and municipal segments with expected orders of more than 200 APVs in 2011. Following these launch orders REV is preparing to scale production beyond 15,000 vehicles through 2014.

About REV:

REV develops and distributes the most advanced 100% electric vehicles with a proprietary drive system that can power industrial equipment, buildings and homes. Using real-time location-based technologies REV vehicles also act as a distributed power resource for the electric grid.

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