Russ Swift and MINI combat boredom – Click above to watch video after the jump

The Mini Cooper is a fun little car that we've often praised for its go-kart-like handling. Put one in the capable hands of Russ Swift and it becomes a whole lot more than that. Swift and Mini teamed up for a video to declare that the Cooper is the arch enemy of boredom. For those who are not aware of Mr. Swift's driving skill, he is the man who holds the record for tightest parallel park, fastest J-Turn and fastest donuts. Saying that Russ Swift can control a car is an understatement.

In this video clip, Swift shows off his parallel parking skills, puts a Mini up on two wheels and pulls off other examples of automotive shenanigans. This video is only one minute long, so you have no excuse for not clicking past the jump and give it a look.

[Source: YouTube]

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