Gran Turismo 5 pileup – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Gran Turismo 5 has been billed as a hyper-realistic driving simulator. And while it's almost impossible for Polyphony Digital's golden egg to live up to six years of hype and hope (we called the game "an incomplete title"), there are plenty of gamers out there who feel the driving dynamics are second-to-none. But no matter how hard the hundreds of GT5 developers tried, perfection and pixels are still miles apart.

For instance, what happens when you're driving a Nissan GT-R really fast on a banked oval track, and as you begin to ease left, an equally fast Porsche 911 taps you on the driver-side door? In real life, there is a solid chance that you'd lose control and perhaps come to a stop with your wheels pointing skyward. In GT5, you can apparently lose control, land on a Lamborghini Gallardo and still finish the race. Want proof? Hit the jump to watch the replay of one gamer's hilarious but not-so-realistic experience. At least the Lambo slowed down once it began piggybacking an extra 4,000 pounds.

[Source: YouTube]

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