Let's face it – driving games are best enjoyed when your control surfaces are in the shape of a proper steering wheel. Naturally, we'd rather have a nice set of pedals and a manual-ish shifter to go along with it, but we'll take what we can get.

And so we present to you the Thrustmaster T500RS, which will apparently be an officially licensed steering wheel accessory for Gran Turismo 5. At present, Logitech's Driving Force wheel is the only available steering wheel controller for the real racing sim.

Obviously, we haven't yet sampled this controller and therefore can't cast our own judgment, but Thrustmaster claims its new T500RS will be the most precise wheel on the market. Such precision won't come cheap – current speculation has this peripheral coming in with a $500 price tag. Be prepared to cough up extra for the shifter accessory.

Surely, you've got to pay to play, as they say, but can we just remind you that you could theoretically put together a LeMons race car for about that same kind of dough? Just sayin'.

[Source: Thrustmaster via Engadget]

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