Plug In America's ad "Hype," which features beefcake Fabio, is making national headlines and the hunky book cover model appeared on Fox News with anchor Neil Cavuto to discuss the PSA and electromobility. As someone who never watches Fox News, it was a bit surprising to see an interviewer be this ignorant and biased, but whatever. Maybe that's par for the course over there.

Cavuto begins skeptically, telling Fabio, "Why are you doing this? No offense, but I don't really see you in one of these [electric cars]. I just don't." Fabio responded by saying that Tesla Motors is all-American and offers him just the kind of speed he needs and wants. Cavuto also doesn't believe the 6'3" Fabio when he says he does indeed fit in a Roadster or that the car can accelerate as fast as Fabio claims with him inside it. Cavuto also says that electric cars are "a dumb idea" and it just gets worse from there. See the unembeddable video for yourself over on Fox and check out the original "Hype" PSA here. Plug In America also responded to Cavuto's skepticism by sending him a short video of Fabio actually in the car and you can see that after the jump.

[Source: Fox News]

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