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In early 2011, Citroen will introduce its battery-powered C-Zero – a nearly identical twin to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV – to the growing group of individuals who participate in the company's electric business-to-business (BtoB) carsharing service: Citroën Business Connected. The new program, launched in France by the automaker just weeks ago, will provide companies and local government agencies with C-Zeros for daily use.

Citroen, with help from French carsharing specialist Carbox, will install charging stations and remotely monitor each vehicle's battery status to ensure that no driver is left stranded. The partners hope that the decision to allow companies to try out electric vehicles without requiring a purchase agreement will help convince firms that battery-powered autos are capable of meeting the demands of fleet use. In this way, Citroen Business Connected could act as a stepping stone and persuade companies to purchase electric autos for their fleets in the near future.

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Citroën Business Connected, first 100% electric BtoB carsharing service

Citroën, the first carmaker to release new-generation all-electric vehicles on the European market, is going one step further with the first 100% electric BtoB carsharing* service: Citroën Business Connected. The new service, developed by Citroën Business France in partnership with Carbox, will provide companies and local authorities with Citroën C-ZERO on a carsharing basis, as a convenient constraint-free way of introducing electric cars into their fleets.

True to its long-standing reputation for creativity and innovation, Citroën strives constantly to develop new services offering all customers, private and business, the transport solutions best matched to their needs. Citroën Business France is now extending its range with the first 100% electric BtoB carsharing service, Citroën Business Connected.

Citroën Business Connected offers companies and local authorities a convenient constraint-free way of opening up their fleets to include electric vehicles like Citroën C-ZERO, on a carsharing basis. The new service, developed by Citroën Business France with Carbox, French number-one in carsharing, covers two main items:

- Services and tools specific to carsharing, i.e. outsourced management including insurance, servicing and cleaning, plus the booking interface and badge-operated car access
- Services specific to electric cars, such as support in the setup of charging infrastructures and remote monitoring of battery charge (essential to ensure that cars are properly recharged after each journey and that battery charge is sufficient for the next reservation)

"The new service provides a tailored, turnkey solution for companies interested in shrinking their car fleets' carbon footprints while meeting their workforces' transport needs," comments Simon Rivier, marketing manager with Citroën Business France.

Market response to Citroën Business Connected, launched in France just a few weeks ago, is already positive. The first Citroën C-ZERO vehicles to take part in the new service will be delivered in early 2011.

* Carsharing: automated, outsourced service for temporary provision of vehicles (for business and/or private use) to company employees on a self-service basis

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