The UAW has announced its support for Hyundai workers in South Korea who have been on strike since November 15. The employees are all temporary and contract workers who receive lower pay and fewer benefits compared to their full-time counterparts, and their strike has managed to shut down a production facility. According to the Detroit Free Press, the UAW says that at least one fifth of Hyundai workers are temporary and that those workers deserve the same pay and benefit as the automaker's full-time employees. In addition, the UAW says that many of the Hyundai temporary workers are often hired by false contractors.
To that end, the UAW plans to hold a rally outside of Hyundai's technical center in Superior Township, Michigan. The union also said that other organizations around the globe will stage similar protests, though where those rallies will take place and who will take part remains unclear.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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