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Former Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul criticized General Motors in the 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? That flick focused on GM canceling and then destroying the EV1. With the vehicle's demise, dreams of driving electric autos were dashed and a lot of EV1 drivers became vocal activists, lashing out at GM for its destructive decision. Paul got involved with Plug In America and kept up an anti-GM drum-beat.

Paul has now had a change of heart, actively supporting GM by plugging the 2011 Chevy Volt. Paul describes the Volt as, "an amazing piece of machinery" and adds that it's, "more advanced than what any other car company in the world is doing." Paul believes in giving automakers a second chance and her support of the Volt is evidence of that. Some might worry that Paul is on GM's payroll, but the former Baywatch beauty has assembled a series of documentary-like clips touting the virtues of the Volt showing why she likes the Volt. Episode 1 of Ask Alexandra can be viewed after the jump. If you're intrigued by the first clip, know that all 12 of Paul's Volt videos can be found on Chevrolet's YouTube channel here.

[Source: Brand Channel]

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