Even though U.S. production of the Think City started off well the other day, all is not fine in Think land. The company is recalling 850 City cars throughout Europe because the brakes on the electric car can weaken under "extremely humid conditions."

A Think representative told AutoblogGreen, "Major, prolonged exposure to water could cause a small malfunction in the electronics. The brakes would still work, but required increased pressure to use." This problem could appear in instances of severe rain or after intense car washes. James Andrew of Think Europe tells NRK (Google Translated) that the repair includes wrapping the pump circuit in an epoxy, which "solves the problem fully." Importantly, new models are not affected. We've driven the City in wet conditions and have never experienced this problem.

There are also stories floating around that say that Think has not provided City vehicles to the European crash testing organization EuroNCAP, like this one on VG Net (Google Translated). EuroNCAP needs three vehicles to crash, but VG Net reports that Think reportedly said it could not spare the vehicles. In fact, Think told AutoblogGreen, it will send vehicles to EuroNCAP in early 2011, adding, "We are of course supplying the vehicles. There is no story there."

[Source: NRK, VG Net (both Google Translated), Think]

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