DeLorean Motor Company recently teamed up with Nike, to bring us a limited-edition sneaker modeled after the iconic, gullwing DMC-12. The Nike Dunk 6.0 DeLorean was limited to just 1,000 pairs and they sold out as soon as stores flipped the sign from CLOSED to OPEN. If you're a fan of the DMC brand but were unable to snag a pair of kicks, don't fret, because the Texas-based automaker reportedly has big plans to expand its brands.

According to Forbes, the DeLorean team is partnering up with companies like Mattel, Microsoft and Now & Zen. This means a line of DMC-branded toys, clothing and ... WinAmp skins? We're not quite sure what DeLorean and Microsoft are working on, but if the DMC brand stays hot, then the two could produce DeLorean-themed computer mice and they'd sell like hotcakes. Wait... we'd actually buy one of those. Quick, someone call RoadMice.

[Source: Forbes | Source Image: TheSelvedgeYard]

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