Warsaw's metro system is going green in 2012. That's when the city will introduce new subway cars, dubbed the Siemens Inspiro, that will be 97.5 percent recyclable. Not only that, but the system will also be more energy efficient. The "weight optimized chassis" will be built out of aluminum, making these cars much lighter than the city's regular rail cars and reducing energy consumption.

The Polish capital commissioned BMW Designworks USA and Siemens to design the eco-friendly public transit system. The team came up with a well-designed and attractive yet functional rail car. The entrances are extra wide for maximizing passenger flow. Railway maps will be displayed on large screens and thought has even been given to the lighting in the spacious cabins. As a nod to its eco-friendliness, the designers made the handholds look like tree branches. This is a fitting touch since Warsaw Metro was recognized with the "Special Merit Award for Commitment to the Environment" at the MetroRail 2009 Conference in London. Perhaps, with the Siemens Inspiro, Warsaw Metro can set its eyes on the "Most Energy Efficient Metro" award and maybe even snag a title for "Best Passenger Experience."

[Source: Fastcodesign via Engadget]

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