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Back in November of 2009, Nissan announced that its battery-powered Leaf would head south of the border, landing in Mexico City in 2011, a year or so ahead of its scheduled global launch. The deal laid out plans to have the Mexican capital become the first area in Latin America to reign in the Leaf.

Now, the Comite des Constructeurs Francais d'Automobile (CCFA) reports that the Nissan Leaf will hit the streets of Mexico in the second half of 2011. The first Leafs arriving on Mexican soil will be thrown into service with the nation's fleet of taxis. Studies will be conducted to assess the vehicle's abilities and to gauge the public's acceptance of battery-powered autos. Pending a successful outcome, the Leaf will be launched to the Mexican public in late 2011. Nissan has not confirmed official pricing for the Leaf in Mexico, but the CCFA report projects that the final figure will be somewhere north of "$21,000." Really?

[Source: CCFA via Google Translate]

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