How much is that Chevrolet Volt in the window? If you're talking about the first available production model that's up for auction to help the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, it'll cost you close to $200k, at a minimum. Even though the auction started at $50,000, the current high bid is $180,000, placed by someone called Barritzboy, and there are still 12 days left to bid. Given that the proceeds from the auction will all go to support math and science education in Detroit, there's really no upper limit here, so bid it up, folks. Get the details on the auction here. One semi-interesting tidbit, the auction says, "With a fully charged battery, Volt can drive for an initial electric range of 35 miles." None of that 25-to-50 mile stuff.

If you can't afford to buy a Volt for Tesla Roadster+ money, you can still try and predict how much this first car will go for. Have at it in the poll below:

[Source: Charity Buzz]

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