Translogic goes to Japan! – Click above to watch video after the jump

Our in-company pals at Translogic decided it was time to add a new stamp to their passports. They gathered up their video equipment and hopped on a plane. Destination: Japan!

Bradley Hasemeyer and the Translogic team descended upon the Asian island nation to film a multi-part adventure, exploring different facets of the unique culture. First up on the agenda is the subject of modification. Hasemeyer kicks his trip off by checking out a group of folks who love tricking out their scooters. The mods add up quickly and the 250cc "Big Scooters" are fitted with everything from neon lighting to full air suspension setups.

Moving on from the new-school world of scooter modding, Translogic examines the more classic Kaido Racer scene. This very unique styling endeavor gets its inspiration from the old-school FIA Group 5 racing league that included such legendary cars as the Porsche 917, Ferrari 512 and the Ford GT40 Mk 1. Now, the Japanese have obviously taken serious liberties in their own four-wheeled homages, but the result is a style that is nothing if not distinct.

After scaling up from scooters to cars, Hasemeyer gets even bigger and shifts his focus to the van modding world. Starting with such a large canvas, the Japanese van culture goes absolutely crazy and transform their vans into creations that defy explanation. You'll have to hop the jump and watch the video to see the owners explain their obsessions.

[Source: AOL Autos Translogic]

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