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Back in September, we detailed Northern Lights Energy's plans to turn Iceland into a country full of electric vehicles. In the past, NLE has made deals to bring the Reva NXR to the island country but today the project gets a huge shot in the arm with the announcement that NLE will purchase 1,000 electric SUVs from Amp Holding Inc. over the next five years. The first vehicles will be delivered in early 2011.

All that the partners are saying now is that they have a Letter of Intent to buy/sell a, "variety of all-electric SUVs," which could include the Chevy Equinox that Amp currently offers or maybe the mysterious SUV Amp is converting for an unnamed OEM or an entirely new vehicle. The deal is "subject to various conditions" – including a review by NLE's EV Project Consortium members and a public exhibition – but it sounds like very good news to both Amp and Iceland's efforts to further wean itself off of oil. Most importantly, "NLE's interest and commitment is contingent upon AMP successfully demonstrating and meeting certain conditions pertaining to the production and specifications of its EVs."

As the only company offering an SUV-sized electric vehicle, Amp is a great fit for NLE since around 35 percent of the vehicles sold in Iceland are SUVs. Gisli Gislason, CEO of NLE, said in a statement that Amp is, "an ideal partner to work towards our underlying goal of radically improving the transportation industry in Iceland." NLE will use some of the electric SUVs in its fleet and also offer them for sale in Iceland.

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Northern Lights Energy Commits to Purchase 1,000 AMP Electric Vehicles
-- AMP and NLE Enter into LOI to Introduce All-Electric SUV's to Iceland Over Five Years --

Cincinnati, OH – November 29, 2010 - AMP Holding Inc. (OTCBB: AMPD), a company engaged in the emission-free electrification of OEM vehicles, announced it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Northern Lights Energy (NLE) to introduce all-electric SUV's to Iceland as part of its national electric vehicle (EV) project. Under terms of the letter of intent, subject to various conditions described below, NLE committed to purchase 1,000 all-electric SUV's from AMP over a five-year period.

"The combination of EV's and Iceland make for a perfect storm," said Steve Burns, AMP CEO. "Everything is present - a low cost of electricity coupled with the high cost of gasoline, the inherent short commutes of an island community and the desire to reduce dependence on foreign oil. We are delighted to be doing business together."

NLE is actively promoting means of sustainable transportation and has initiated the Icelandic National EV Project, involving various stakeholders such as municipalities, and large companies in a national consortium with the aim to build a nationwide charging infrastructure and end Iceland's dependence on foreign oil through the electrification of transportation.
"AMP's 100% electric vehicle technology makes it an ideal partner to work towards our underlying goal of radically improving the transportation industry in Iceland. The SUV segment now captures approximately 35% of the Icelandic car market, and while most industry players are focused on other market segments, we have high hopes for this segment and in AMP's market-ready technology," said Gisli Gislason, CEO of NLE.

AMP expects to deliver its first Electric SUV to NLE in early 2011. After an initial review, NLE intends to demonstrate the AMP'd SUV to the EV Project Consortium members, followed by public exhibition. It is the intention of NLE to purchase a variety of all-electric SUV's from AMP for utilization within fleet operations as well as for re-sale within the Company's market region. NLE's interest and commitment is contingent upon AMP successfully demonstrating and meeting certain conditions pertaining to the production and specifications of its EV's.

AMP is in discussions with several potential OEM partners to supply the underlying SUV's for AMP's electric conversions. AMP's intention is now to extend those discussions to the Iceland project for what should become the world's leading EV test bed of 2011.

About AMP Holding Inc.
AMP was founded in 2007 by automotive industry veterans who have created several hi-tech companies. Currently, the AMP team is comprised of top engineers and business executives, as well as two key pioneers of GM's EV1 project. AMP's first all electric demonstration models were the Chevrolet Equinox, the Saturn Sky, and Pontiac Solstice. Since its inception, AMP's unique electrification technology has proven to be an idea that has generated an extreme amount of interest, with inquiries coming from around the world. AMP's intent is to electrify a wide range of OEM vehicles and SUVs, and expects to announce new model additions in 2010. The Company expects its vehicle electrification technology will provide new solutions to America's energy demands.

To learn more, visit the AMP website at

About NLE
Based in Reykjavík, Iceland, Northern Lights Energy is a young, dynamic company that operates in the energy and transportation sectors. NLE focuses on investing in projects that have positive effects for the community and use the country's rich resources. Its projects must be profitable and show potential for subsequent growth. NLE's guidelines require they establish their own projects, although also invest in other companies or in projects created outside the Company.
NLE aims to launch projects that will benefit the community, managing and cultivating them with the objective of exporting the knowledge and experience they bring. The underlying principles that underpin choice of projects are social responsibility and value for the community in Iceland. These tenets strongly influence selection and help in the decision-making process.
To learn more, visit the NLE website at

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