The Volvo C70 has a certain undeniable Nordic allure and now Electroengine has endowed one example of the convertible coupe with a unique electric drivetrain that adds some beast to that beauty. This True Electric now rolls with all wheel drive and enough horses to bring it to up to 100 km/h (62 miles per hour) in under six seconds. That's over a second and half quicker than the 2011 model with a turbo'd 2.5 liter. And that's despite being 300 kg (661 lbs) heavier. Hey, 56 kWhs of lithium batteries – enough for up 200 miles of driving – are still pretty heavy.

With YASA motors at each corner, the converted Volvo loses its gearbox and differential, not to mention the torque steer associated with front wheel drive. It gains, however, the ability for precise traction control and torque vectoring in the process.

Unfortunately, the Volvo "C70-TE4WDD" won't be offered for sale. Electroengine is more a of technology developer rather than aspirant manufacturer and the car is meant as a demonstrator. This project was done with three sponsors from Sweden's energy sector and joins a ZE Saab 9-3 and a 27 foot Nimbus boat on the company's list of accomplishments over the past year. Hit the jump for more details in the official press release.

[source: Electroengine / NyTeknik]


Volvo C70 as electric car – more than 200 miles on a single charge

A car that raises electric car development to a whole new level will be unveiled for the first time at the Electric Car Seminar, being held in Helsingborg, Sweden, on November 11.

The True Electric C70 project has been conducted by Electroengine in Sweden AB, based in Uppsala. With the support of three partners, Electroengine has transformed a Volvo C70 into an all-electric car – the C70-TE4WDD.

The most astounding thing about this car, which accelerates from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds, with a top speed of more than 125 mph, is its range: up to 200 miles on a single charge. And no compromise on safety or comfort.

"We have already successfully completed several joint projects earlier during the year, a year in which we have showcased our electric powertrain, our know-how and our ability to develop leading edge solutions in the field of EV (Electric Vehicle) technology. We now feel it high time to demonstrate what our True Electric™ technology is really capable of, when comprehensively applied to a large high-performance car. With the generous support of Öresundskraft, Lunds Energi and Energihuset, we have been able to transform a Volvo C70 into a pure electric car, featuring the most advanced technologies. This has been possible by employing our latest battery and battery management technology, in combination with the world's lightest (power-to-weight) and most energy-efficient electric motors and power electronics," states Björn Karlström, Electroengine.

"This blistering performance is possible thanks to the 400 bhp available from direct drive engines connected to all four wheels, which deliver a gut-wrenching 650Nm of torque per wheel," adds Mr Karlström.

"As well as a technology demonstrator, we plan to use the car to test new breakthrough concepts, as we continue to refine powertrains and batteries over the next few years. We even look forward to the winter, when we can test how our 4WDD and advanced torque vectoring technology can reduce braking distances, improve traction and enhance driving characteristics," explains Electroengine's Thomas Bergfjord.

"Energihuset plays an important role in promoting Uppsala as a particularly active region in the energy sector. It is intended to function as a natural hub that can coordinate the interests of the general public, the local authority, the business community and Uppsala's two universities with respect to energy.
With this latest project, Electroengine demonstrates the advanced nature of its technology and Uppsala's exciting role as a region committed to advanced technology in the field of energy. The technology developed by Electroengine transforms the electric car into a modern high performance car," notes David Börjesson, Energihuset Uppsala.

"Öresundskraft feels that the automotive industry has moved too slowly in developing new electric powered models. This is why the company has decided to sponsor this project, within the framework of the Elektra electric car project, with a view to developing a second-generation electric car with new energy-efficient engines and extended range. The goal of a national fossil-fuel-free vehicle park by 2030 can never be realized, unless the development of electric motors and batteries is speeded up," states Per Lundgren, Öresundskraft.

"Lunds Energi's involvement is intended to support and promote technological development that will enable a large-scale transfer to the adoption of electric vehicles, while also taking an active role in hastening the development of safe and practical electric cars. The project generates valuable know-how about electric cars and battery technology. This contributes to Lunds Energi's ability to build an efficient infrastructure for charging electric cars," says Göran Strandberg, Lunds Energi

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