Long-form Fiat 500 U.S. ad – Click above to watch video after the jump

The enthusiast hordes have been gearing up for the arrival of the Fiat 500 for some time now. At last, Fiat has prepared its ad campaign to let the more casual car fan know what's about to hit, and the initial result feels, to us, a lot less exciting than the car itself. Think Anthony Robbins meets a Target commercial, with a little bit of a white 500 thrown in. Or just think Moby since, with no disrespect to the musician himself, his tunes have become the soundtrack to tapioca advertising.

The 1:47 spot you'll find after the jump will supposedly be cut up to provide more TV-friendly commercial spots of various lengths. Have a look and let us know if you think the Fiat 500 is well served, or deserves more. Hat tip to Jamie

[Source: YouTube via Left Lane News]

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