According to a study done by InsWeb earlier this year, car insurance premiums for women in the U.S. are nine percent lower than those for men. Things are much the same in the UK, where insurance companies will offer the fairer sex lower rates than those given to men. Companies like Sheila's Wheels in the UK – founded by a man – specialize in lower-priced offerings for women, including handbag insurance.

The practice could be ruled illegal by the European Union, however, because the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice feels that such rate setting contravenes the Charter of Fundamental Rights laid out in the Lisbon Treaty. That would be fine with folks in the UK, according to a Motorpoint poll: more than nine out of ten of the 990 respondents to Motorpoint's survey were in favor of the EU eliminating discounts for women based on gender.

Not that there aren't plenty of other reasons for women to have lower rates: stats show they drive fewer miles and get in fewer accidents. But hey, fair's fair.

[Source: Motorpoint | Image: xJasonRogersx CC 2.0]
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Women only car insurance premiums could soon be a thing of the past according to a new survey by Motorpoint.

An online poll by the car supermarket giant found over 90% of people supported EU proposals to scrap the discounts on offers from companies such as Sheila's Wheels. Over 990 people took part in the online poll at

A high ranking EU official is currently debating whether car insurance premiums that use gender as a factor in assessing risk should be outlawed. A decision is expected by the end of the year. Women have historically enjoyed lower premiums because statistically they are shown to have fewer accidents then men.

Says David Shelton, Managing Director of Motorpoint: "Whilst I wouldn't like to comment on car insurance premiums solely for women, this is a debate that is clearly going to rage for some time to come giving the implications for drivers as a whole in the UK."

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