Torrential tropical rains, political instability and epic shock-absorber-snapping potholes. Those are just a few of the obstacles that lay in the path of the Racing Green Endurance (RGE) crew as they battled to drive their unique Radical SRZero (SR0) the 16,000 mile length of the Pan American Highway. And after 140 days, including 70 days of actual driving, they have successfully completed the Alaska-to-Argentina expedition, becoming the first to do so with a battery-powered vehicle. After taking a moment to celebrate their achievement (pictured above), the team is now preparing to ship their battle-scarred baby back to Britain.

The RGE website will stand testament to the feat for some time and it is well worth the while to peruse the blog posts from the trip and learn about some of the adventures and mishaps, including a battery fire and crash (separate incidents), shooting automatic M16s with masked Ecuadorian policemen on the roadside and visiting power generation plants of various sorts along the way. There are also a huge number of photos to view as well as over 60 video clips. To further get the message out, BBC News will begin broadcasting an eight-part series about the journey on January 1st, 2011.

So, we extend a hearty congratulations to the team and we expect we'll being hearing more from them in the future. Hit the jump for video of BBC News coverage of the car's arrival in Ushuaia, Argentina.

[Source: Racing Green Endurance]

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