Chris Burden's Metropolis 2 – Click above to watch video after the jump

Like most normal Americans, thoughts of exactly what we'd do if we had all the money in the world and not a care to burden us occupy a fair portion of our mental capacity each day. Chances are that if we slept on a bed of Benjamins, our daylight hours would be spent crafting a mechanized achievement akin to the contraption in the video after the jump. In one fell swoop, the creators have combined two our true passions: diecast cars and convoluted, yet pointless machinery.

The diecast traffic jam is fittingly called "Metropolis 2," and it was created by artist Chris Burden. Built using 1,500 Hot Wheels, the installation is headed to LACMA for a long-term loan in the near future. Art and toy fans alike can catch the mesmerizing miniature action at the museum soon. Hit the jump for a mesmerizing preview.

[Sources: Unframed, YouTube]

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