The rumor furnaces are cooking at full tilt when it comes to what will be lurking under the hood of the upcoming BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The sleuths at have managed to lay their hands on a clandestine manifest that supposedly outlines all of the new models set to flow forth the Bavarian automaker. Nestled among the more common 1 Series metal is a vehicle that appears to be code named "1 M Pyrat" that will supposedly pack a 340 horsepower N54 engine in European trim. That'll send your eyebrows to your hairline, sure, but it's not nearly as shocking as the U.S.-spec model just a bit further down the list.

According to the enthusiast site, BMW is planning a 451 horsepower version of the 1 Series M Coupe just for American consumption. Now, we hate to the little black rain cloud that rains on everyone's parade, but this seems more than a little unlikely. After all, the big daddy M3 rolls with 414 horsepower right now, and even if BMW is planning a substantial bump in power in the near future, it seems unlikely that the baby 1 would be given the chops to pass its bigger brother.

Still, it doesn't hurt us one bit to dream this little dream until BMW says otherwise. Head over to 1addicts to have a closer look at the manifest.

[Source: 1addicts]

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