You don't get much higher stakes than Formula One. And while some teams have their own airplanes, there are a couple this season that have their own airlines: Richard Branson's Virgin, and Tony Fernandes' Lotus Racing and Air Asia.
As you may recall, the rivalry between the two tycoon-backed upstart teams escalated to such a point that Branson and Fernandes made a gentlemanly bet that was anything but: the owner of the team that fared worse in this year's championship would have to cross-dress as a female flight attendant and serve as such on the other's airline.

Well, Lotus edged out Virgin towards the bottom of the standings, so it's Sir Richard who'll be wearing Air Asia's finest skirt and blouse. Fernandes is keen on placing his rival on a long-haul Kaula Lumpur-to-London flight, tickets for which he plans to auction off for charity. Looks like the negative effect of downforce isn't the only kind of drag these guys will be dealing with in the offseason.

[Source: Autosport]

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