There are plenty of important rules when it comes to attending a track day, but one of the most easily overlooked and simultaneously important is, "Thou shalt not speed to or from the facility." Aside from all of that moralistic stuff about putting the public in danger, exceeding the posted limit also does a number on the reputation of whatever track you're headed to. After all, it's a rare community that actually the embraces the sound of engines revving and tires squealing at 7:00 a.m. on the weekend; most tracks don't need any "help" in the bad PR department.

Apparently the members of missed the memo. A slew of drivers from that site recently participated in a charity event where they could pay $100 for a lead-follow lap at the famous (and exclusive) Monticello Motor Club. An extra Benji would allow for a quicker lap, and those who'd been on track before could buy additional track time.

Unfortunately, around 100 of the participants were busted doing well over 100 mph on their way to the track. Local law enforcement was not amused, handing out tickets by the fistful for everything from speeding to improper equipment in a bid to get drivers piloting everything from Dodge Vipers and Chevrolet Corvettes to Nissan GT-Rs to cool their heels.

Do us all a favor. If you like your local track, keep it legal on the surrounding streets, or the place might not be open for business next year. Thanks for the tip, Monroe!

[Source: The Times-Herald Record]

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