Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of car tire buyers and discovered that a remarkable 95 percent of consumers were satisfied with their shopping experience. CR also found, though, that less than half of tire buyers researched before purchasing. When "so much is riding on your tires" you'd think that a few minutes devoted to investigating the proper running gear would be time well spent but, according to the Consumer Reports' survey, buyers often decided to skip the legwork and mount whatever kind of rubber on their ride.
Of the 2,029 tire shoppers surveyed by Consumer Reports, just one in 50 claim that improving fuel economy influenced their choice of tire. Those that do opt for low-rolling resistance tires expect to see gains averaging eight miles per gallon(!), though in actuality, tests have proven that tires engineered to improve fuel economy often provide cars with an mpg rating bump of no more than three percent, which works out to less than two mpg in most situations. Consumer Reports' deputy auto editor, Jeff Bartlett, described how buyers' expectations don't jive with real-world findings, stating, "As can often be the case, consumers want more than reality can deliver." Now, isn't that the truth.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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