Video: Mercedes-Benz investigates where your eyes wander

Mercedes-Benz wants to know what catches your eye – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Chances are, if we were to ask you what catches a man's eye in the natural world, you wouldn't have to hire a team of researchers to come up with the answer. Of course, odds are that you don't work for Mercedes-Benz, either. The German automaker wanted to discover exactly what it is about its vehicles that snags someone's pupils, so it hired a team of scientists equipped with fancy camera-equipped glasses and unleashed a few unsuspecting test subjects on a quick walk-around the new CLS.

What'd they find? Not surprisingly, our eyes are immediately drawn to traits like the arching roof line, long hood and unique body contours down each flank. Surprise, surprise, we know. And what draws our eye in the opposite sex? Well, we'll just let you watch the video after the jump to figure that one out for yourself. Unlike the CLS, the answer may actually surprise you.

[Source: YouTube]

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