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According to the crew at Inside Line, AMG may be looking into working its magic on a model below the current C-Class. While speaking at this year's LA Auto Show, Ola Kaellenius, the head honcho of the Mercedes-Benz go-fast division, said that while there isn't much of a case for AMG-tweaked versions of the A- and B-Class right now, that may change in the next three to four years. That means that Mercedes-Benz would have to give the go-ahead on a much smaller high-performance engine than AMG's current go-to 5.5-liter forced-induction V8, though Inside Line says that AMG has been working in that area already.

This is our excited face.

In addition to the good news about brawnier baby Benz models, Kaellenius also said that his brand will pursue reducing weight before sliding hybrid drivetrains into its products. That means that AMG is safe from dreaded battery packs – for now. Likewise, we can keep our ears pinned for news of two new Black Series cars sooner rather than later.

[Source: Inside Line]

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