Video: Crazy machine rolls out brick roads like it's laying carpet

Tiger Stone brick layer – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Any non-professional who has built anything using brick pavers knows that the work is tough on the back and hands and the process is slow as molasses. The payoff is a beautiful, long-lasting finish, but there has to be a better way. If you have a Tiger Stone brick layer, there apparently is.

The Dutch-made brick laying machine utilizes an angled plain that enables workers to feed pavers into the machine without bending over and wrecking their backs. At the same time workers are feeding the electrically-powered machine, gravity is used to lay down the pavers in an orderly fashion. Fresh bricks are fed into the system via telescoping forklifts, further removing human blood, sweat and tears from the equation. The machine moves methodically down the pre-leveled path, enabling up to 400 square meters of 18-foot wide paved roads per day. Impressive stuff. Hit the jump to watch video of the machine doing its thing.

[Source: YouTube via Inhabitat]

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