Nissan has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with countries, municipalities, automakers and cities across the globe. Its latest agreement is with the South American country of Chile where Nissan, in partnership with Chilectra (one of Chile's leading electricity suppliers), will install South America's first fast-charge station in the city of Santiago.

Starting in March of 2011, additional fast-charge units will be deployed throughout the city. Places like public parking lots, gas stations, shopping malls, office buildings and apartment complexes will be evaluated to determine if installation of a fast-charge station in that location will be beneficial to the residents of the city.

Additionally, Chilectra announced that the Chilean grid is capable of handling the draw from a mass arrival of electric cars. The electricity supplier estimates that without any modifications, Santiago's grid could cope with an influx of 200,000 electric vehicles. That's a lot of Nissan Leafs, which are expected to hit the Chilean market in 2012. Hat tip to Jan!

Photo copyright ©2010 Jonas Dalidd / AOL
[Source: Bio-Bio]

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