Jay Leno drives the Think City – Click above to watch video after the jump

Jay Leno can drive pretty much any vehicle he wants. If he doesn't already own it, he can borrow it. He's also very familiar with alternative fuel vehicles, ranging from the BMW Hydrogen 7 to the Ford Focus Electric to his own crazy EcoJet. Now, he's gotten intimate with the Think City, and he likes it. Sort of.

The denim-clad TV host can appreciate the all-electric City's ability to move people around reliably, but he doesn't think that you can bond with the car the way you can with an ICE vehicle because – and this is rich – it won't break down. Thus, you can't fix the car and therefore feel proud of your handiwork. This may be is the silliest reason we've ever heard to not like electric cars. Leno makes more sense when he says that the City is perfect if you've got a teenager you don't want driving too fast or too far. He also double-checked that the car's stated 100-mile range is indeed indicative of 100 mile of real-world range because, he said, "Electricity is like sex. People have no compulsion about lying about it."

And there's one more reason Leno likes plug-in vehicles: if more people drive electric cars, there will be more oil available for him to burn in his gas-powered vehicles. Hm. Interesting. You can watch Leno's drive after the jump.

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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