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Range anxiety is an often applied to electric vehicles (EVs), but it's certainly one that has no impact on the driving habits of Hansjorg von Gemmingen. You see, Gemmingen hops in his Tesla Roadster and tacks on miles at a rate that would seem to be beyond the capabilities of a battery-powered car. In fact, in the past twelve months, Gemmingen has racked up 40,000 miles in his electric Tesla and the thought of running out of juice doesn't even phase him.

Gemmingen just so happens to reside near Freiburg, Germany and takes his Roadster for joy rides at the nearby Black Forest Nature Park. He also lives in a land where electrical outlets are a dime a dozen,and makes use of many of them to charge up his ride. Whether it be at work, at the home of a family member, parked at a nearby restaurant or in his own garage, Gemmingen never misses an opportunity to plug in. Of course, those European plugs all crank out between 220-240 volts, while outlets here in the U.S. only produce about half that. Still, Gemmingen's tale of anxiety-free EV driving is one we don't hear often enough.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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