The Move About car sharing program in Oslo, Norway is growing at at steady clip. Launched in late 2008, the program provides drivers with access to electric vehicles (EVs) for short jaunts around town. Move About's members, which hit 1,000 strong just days ago, share 80 battery-powered vehicles, of which 79 are Think City electrics, a highway-capable EV (well, it can hit 68 miles per hour) that offers up to 100 miles of range per charge.

Michael Eimstad, manager of Move About, discussed the importance of the car sharing scheme and the role that EVs play in such a program, stating:
The number of cars only tells half the story. The car sharing system enables many people to share relatively few cars. This is a much smarter way to use resources, and means that many more people will be able to drive electric cars.
Move About's success has spawned expansion into Gothenburg and Copenhagen and even kick-started collaborative projects in Germany and Austria. Move About now operates the largest fleet of shared EVs in the world.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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