Big Brother just got a little bigger.

We know that the US voters typically go against red-light and speed cameras, but what if the law enforcement systems were more high-tech?

In certain parts of Europe speed cameras are a way of life. They're everywhere and the all-seeing lens that might send you a ticket in the mail for going a few kilometers per hour above the limit, might now be able to ring you up for even more. A new system known as the Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport, or ASSET, is a camera system that captures a lot more information beyond your speed and the characters on your license plate. The ASSET system shows if you are wearing your seat belt, driving too fast for current road conditions, checks the status of your insurance and will even note if you are following too closely to the vehicle in front of you.

After years of development, the system is being tested in Finland with an approximate cost of $80,000 per unit. Currently, the ASSET setup attaches to a trailer hitch and is moved into whatever locations deemed necessary. However, the system will soon be made small enough to fit directly into the police vehicles.

[Source: SNWS, The Daily Mail via Engadget | Image: Engadget]

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