PickupTrucks.com features V6 work trucks in latest shootout

Work trucks are the heart and soul of the U.S. It's nice to have a big, powerful V8 engine under the hood, but the current crop of V6 mills provide both power and solid fuel economy numbers. PickTrucks.com wrangled up three 2011 V6 work trucks and decided to see which one is the new king of the hill.

Mike Levine and his team lined up the 3.7-liter Ford F-150, 4.3-liter GMC Sierra 1500 and 3.7-liter Ram 1500. All three pack V6s and automatic transmissions, with a regular cab, short-bed and rear-wheel drive setup. A 2011 Toyota Tundra was slated to be part of the test but was badly damaged during its cross-country transport.

Each truck ran through a gamut of testing to see how it would fair as a full-on light-duty work machine. We won't spoil the winner, but let's just say few others really determine just how good a truck is like Mike Levine and his crew. Check out the full story at PickupTrucks.com.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com | Image: PickupTrucks.com]

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