Judging from the whispers making their way around the interwebs, BMW may be interested in rekindling the X7 flame. The company was one of many corporations that took part in a global summit in Seoul to discuss how to rebalance global trade away from a U.S.-dependent market. But while many of the participants are keen to shift their attentions toward economies in China and Germany, BMW seemed to think that the U.S. would be back on its feet and buying sooner rather than later. The automaker even went so far as to say that it hadn't completely nixed the idea of introducing another larger SUV to its North American lineup.

That means that the X7, a massive vehicle killed off in 2008, may not be completely off of the table. Throwing another SUV into the company's portfolio wouldn't seem to be in keeping with BMW's new commitment to building ever more efficient vehicles, though you never know. Just because we like to think that we live in a post-SUV world doesn't mean American buyers don't love their massive machines.

[Source: Wall Street Journal via BMW Blog]

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