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It's not a Transfomer, but it can transform. It's called the Halo Intersceptor, a creation of Philip Pauley, and in the designer's own words it's "the future of travel as we know it... a four seater USB stick that is designed to outperform any other private vehicle on earth." That's done with the vehicle attachments that can turn the bullet-shaped coupe into a plane, a helicopter and a twin-hulled ocean racer.

Back the car into the Halo 120° fitment, and a "private and unparalleled Jet flight experience" await you. Back it into the Halo 46° and it's a helicopter, while the Halo 22° is a "High Performance Sports Cruiser" closed cockpit Cigarette-type boat with exterior access to double berths up front.

Our favorite part is Pauley's claim that the Intersceptor has "no need for superlatives, no hyperbole, just desire and good business sense." Ahem. Find more of that subtle talk in the press release and video after the jump.

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What do Flying, Floating Super Cars and Trees on top of Buildings Have in Common?

LONDON, November 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading British Concept Designer Philip Pauley's futuristic Halo Intersceptor car has vehicle attachments which turn it into an aeroplane, helicopter, and sea going motor cruiser! This same visionary has devised the Urban Tree Planter(TM) modular system for standardising urban tree installation and replacement by containing root growth virtually anywhere from the top of buildings to cruise liners and superyachts.

The Halo Intersceptor private "road legal aeroplane, helicopter and motor cruiser" has 3+ interchangeable connecting housings, each providing the ultimate experience in luxury and performance for leisure and business, and the defining standard for the logical move towards the multi faceted transportation of the future. A candidate for concept design awards and featured by CNN and GQ Magazine, and described as being "sexy enough on its own just being a car" by 100 Cute, it's easy to see why Top Speed described the Halo as "straight out of a sci-fi movie".

Grounded in common sense concerns for the environment and sustainability, and yet not the least earthbound is the Urban Tree Planter(TM). Philip Pauley's design meets real modern urban needs for a simple modular system for planting trees in more challenging situations. The tree roots and a self irrigation system are contained within a protective cube which slots into a corresponding cube space - the space can be anywhere. The result is a mutually beneficial co-existence where the urban environment is enhanced by naturally flourishing 'portable' trees but not damaged or threatened by their roots.

A disarmingly unassuming man, Philip Pauley possesses an instinctive genius for meeting real world needs with advanced technological conceptual designs. No wonder then that his 1997 dissertation piece of an incredible self sufficient sub marine habitat called Sub Biosphere 2 earned him the label of being "too futuristic" for his time by his tutors and contemporaries.

Themes of the need for simplicity and natural order through the use of complex systems are also evident in his artwork and landscape sculptures, such as The Tree Sculpture (A Tree of Life) installed in Theatre District for Milton Keynes 40th Birthday Celebration and Science Garden Installation.

Another natural home for Philip Pauley today is in pushing the boundaries of digital possibilities by heading up Pauley Interactive, a leading 3D Visualisation and digital content provider. Through his involvement in this medium, organisations of all sizes can draw upon the vision and experience of a bright rising star in realising their own visions through the use of high quality 3D visualisation, modelling and animation to engage and involve website visitors and potential clients with online tours, demonstrations and presentations which add real value.

Halo Intersceptor 360° Transportation
The Halo Intersceptor is a power hybrid, multi functional vehicle, based around one car that can couple with several vehicle attachments to form the basis of private air, sea and land travel. The next generation of super sports, leisure and business travel. A unique and cuttingedge opportunity to experience the ultimate in multi faceted transportation designed and developed for the most discerning independent traveller and business personnel.

No need for superlatives, no hyperbole, just desire and good business sense. A Phil Pauley creation, the Halo Intersceptor is the future of travel as we know it. Imagine being able to drive your car to the airport, fly it over water and land in a faraway island all in the same vehicle.

The Halo Intersceptor is not a flying car; it should be considered a road legal aeroplane, helicopter and motor cruiser. Comprising a car component the "Intersceptor" and three connecting housings, Halo 120°, Halo 46° and Halo 22°. Each housing facilitates a unique and unparalleled transportation experience going far beyond anything currently on the market.

The Halo Intersceptor project is a roadmap for boundary pushing Auto Manufacturers to follow. You will see a shift towards this type of design by all sports models within the next decade. Air space is going to become a very competitive place as the global road infrastructure starts to slow down.

This High Performance Cockpit is a four wheel drive supercomputer. It can be considered a four seater USB stick that is designed to outperform any other private vehicle on earth.

Halo 120°
The Halo 120° is a private and unparalleled Jet flight experience, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. This boutique Aviation experience offers a lifetime of exploration and global access.

Halo 46°
Private aviation offers unique efficiencies to the business traveller, saving both time and energy. The benefits of driving into a Helicopter attachment within a regional and urban setting offer unparalleled accessibility.

Halo 22°
This High Performance Sports Cruiser features a race bred double hull for ultimate performance. This closed cockpit offers external access to a forward double berth for luxury accommodation.

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