Alas, poor Goodwrench. It would seem that General Motors is out to off its fellow of infinite wrench. According to Automotive News, GM is moving away from its brand of car mechanics in order to continue to focus on its four core marques. In the future, GM buyers can look forward to having their scheduled maintenance and repairs handled by Chevrolet Certified Service, Cadillac Certified Service, GMC Certified Service and Buick Certified Service centers. According to GM, the move will help put more emphasis on the brands themselves and less on the corporate man behind the curtain.
Mr. Goodwrench debuted in 1974 and has gone through a number of permutations over the years, but Automotive News said that recently, dealers haven't been using the Goodwrench name in ads or signage, and GM took the change to mean that the brand had lost some of its luster.

UPDATE: GM's official press release added after the jump.

[Source: Automotive News]
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DETROIT, MI – As part of the initiative to better connect General Motors' brands with customers, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac will each receive its own Certified Service brand.

Chevrolet Certified Service, Buick Certified Service, GMC Certified Service and Cadillac Certified Service are being launched as part of a larger strategy by the company to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the four brands.

"Our number one priority is providing a world-class ownership experience that creates positive long-lasting relationships with our customers," said Steve Hill, vice president and general manager, GM Customer Care and Aftersales. "Certified Service supports GM's strategy to focus on the four brands – Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac -- and is a natural extension of the customer's vehicle purchase experience at the dealership.

"This is more than a name change -- it is a declaration of our commitment to our customers, with exclusive vehicle diagnostics and connectivity via OnStar, competitively priced services and parts, increased advisor and technician training, and working jointly with our dealers to focus on customer satisfaction."

Customers will continue to receive competitively priced service performed by trained experts who know their vehicles best at dealerships across the country. Service is an integral part of vehicle ownership, and customers who are satisfied with their service experience are much more likely to return to the dealership.

As an extension of this strategy, GM will phase out the Goodwrench brand name effective Feb. 1, 2011 in the United States.

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