Current Motor Company (CMC), a Michigan-based startup, spent the past 18 months developing and testing its so-called "revolutionary electric scooters" and is finally ready to unleash its lineup to the public. "With a whirr and a whoosh," CMC's trio of highway-capable scooters will roll off the assembly line and down the road. Yep, CMC is geeked to finally move in production and claims that its "best-in-class scooters" will forever change the industry.

With only $400,000 in capital, one could rightly say that CMC developed its electrified trio of scooters on a shoestring budget, but the finished product certainly doesn't show any apparent signs of financial constraint. CMC's lineup include the Economy (C124E), Standard (C124) and Deluxe (C130) models. All three modes are capable performers and even the basic Economy model, which retails for $5,999, can hit speeds of more than 55 miles per hour and cover 30 miles on a full charge. The top-o-the-line Deluxe version, which costs $7,499 boasts a 65-plus mph top speed and offers more than 50 miles of scooting range.

CMC hopes that commuters, interested in traveling more economically, will view electric scooter as "a new way to pass gas" and boasts that its models offer "all of the power, with none of the pit stops." Click here to check out the full lineup of CMC scooters.

[Source: Current Motor Company]

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