Top Gear picks the new Stig – Click above to watch video after the jump

The process of Top Gear picking a new Stig has always been a mystery, that is until recently when we learned that Top Gear owns a farm in rural Britain where new Stigs are bred. Not all grow up to be tame racing drivers though, with some being too violent and others seeming to suffer from the dulling effects of too much inbreeding.

Top Gear has released this video of the Stig-picking process, and as you might expect, not all Stigs have the natural drive to become skilled wheelmen, but some do have other talents. One Stig shown in the video is a gifted painter and another wants to become a writer. A pink Stig is also shown whose only talents appear to be staring at other Stigs and skipping merrily.

The breeding program is focused on finding that one Stig that will go on to set blistering lap times on the Top Gear Test Track. The best are found, and from them, one is chosen. The video after the jump ends with a vision of the program's new Stig, clearly ready for action in his iconic white outfit. Hop the jump to see the Stig farm and meet the new member of the Top Gear crew. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: Top Gear]

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