The pro-electric vehicle Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has reportedly authorized cuts to the city's electric vehicle (EV) scheme that he himself helped launch last year. Johnson's initial plan called for significant funding aimed at making London the EV capital of the world. The mayor promised to back initiatives to bring 100,000 EVs and 25,000 charging stations to the city. Johnson's EV plan was estimated to require £60 million ($97.2 Million U.S. at the current exchange rate) in funds, of which £20 million ($32.4 million U.S.) would come directly from the city's budget and the rest would be contingent upon approval from the national government.

In a change of heart, Johnson has reportedly slashed London's portion of funding from the promised amount of £20 million down to a mere £7 million ($11.3 million U.S.). The shortage in funding, Johnson hopes, will be filled by corporate sponsorships. Tony Bosworth, transport campaigner for Friends of the Earth, acknowledged that EVs could play a vital role in reducing pollution in London and feels it's the mayor's duty to see the plan through, stating, "The mayor did make a big noise about this project, he must now make sure that funding is found to keep the plan alive."

[Source: Financial Times]

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