You know that old saying "don't get caught with your pants down?" It means that you should always be prepared. But it also means that you literally shouldn't get caught with your pants down. Too obvious? Tell that to Eugene Bernshtam, an auto dealer in the Chicago area who The Chicago Sun-Times reports was caught by police naked from the waist down in the front passenger seat of his 2006 Bentley.

Bernshtam reportedly told police that the reason he was found sans pants was because he had just urinated in an alley. Indecent exposure is a fairly serious crime that likely carries a hefty fine, so why was Bernshtam's bail set at a steep $50,000? The (alleged) pantless luxury car driver also had a loaded hand gun in the car without a permit. Nice.

Bernshtam's preliminary hearing will be held on November 9, and remember, pants are required in court.

[Source: Chicago Sun-Times]

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