Bisimoto Honda CR-Z Hybrid – Click above for a high-res image gallery

The team from Bisimoto has taken to curing the Honda CR-Z hybrid of its anemia by prescribing massive doses of forced induction. The stock 1.5-liter four-cylinder was extracted and rebuilt using Arias pistons and a Bisimoto valvetrain, but the star of the show is that massive billet Turbonetics turbo. It shoves ample amounts of air through a 70-millimeter custom throttle body at a rate that has to rival most jet engines. The whole kit and caboodle is good for a staggering 533 horsepower, which helps explain why a car that started life with a 0-60 mph time of 10 seconds now requires a parachute to reduce its inertia.

Is this proof positive that the CR-Z has the kind of tunability that made the CRX legendary, or simply an example of cash conquering all handicaps? Decide for yourself as you scroll through our high-res image gallery below.

  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z front
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z front 3/4
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z rear 3/4
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z rear 3/4
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z nutrition chart
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z side
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z engine
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z turbo
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z turbo
  • Bisimoto Honda CR-Z dyno chart

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