FedEx freight in Springfield, IL has decided that battery-powered forklifts simply aren't up to the task of hauling packages around its extensive facility. Apparently, those electric forklifts required, "an eight-hour charge followed by an eight-hour cooling-off period." After charging and cooling, the battery-powered forklifts provided about eight hours of actual run time. Turns out, most FedEx facilities operate round the clock. So, it seemed quite obvious that the forklifts should be operational for 24 hours as well.

John King, FedEx project manager, decided that equipping all 35 electric forklifts with Plug Power Inc.'s fuel cell systems was the only way to go. The converted forklifts operate on hydrogen gas fed from FedEx's on-site, 6,000-gallon "smart" fueling station, which is equipped with a system that detects any potentially dangerous leaks. Refueling the fuel cell-equipped forklifts takes less than a minute and provides the heavy lifter with enough hydrogen to run all day long and deep into the night. Hat tip to Roy!

[Source: News-Leader | Image: adactio – C.C. License 2.0]

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