We weren't at all surprised when hundreds of lawsuits popped up in the wake of Toyota's recall of millions of vehicles due to unintended acceleration issues. We're just as unfazed by the fact that earlier this week, Toyota filed a motion asking that the lawsuits be thrown out. The Detroit Free Press reports that Toyota claims many of the lawsuits are unwarranted due to the fact that some of the plaintiffs hadn't disclosed acceleration issues prior to the lawsuit. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that there were over 3,000 complaints filed by Toyota owners and at least 89 deaths as a result of accelerator-related defects.

Defendants often file motions to have lawsuits thrown out of court, but will it happen, especially in such a high-visibility case? Hard to say, but any time over 10 million vehicles are recalled globally for such a serious issue, we get the feeling that the courts will remain busy for quite some time.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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