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The latest episode of Robert Llewellyn's plug-in-centric show Fully Charged is now available and his guest this time 'round is Dale Vince, a man well known to ABG readers as the creator of the "wind car," Nemesis. We've followed this former Lotus Exige from its first mention on the internetz two and a half years ago through today and it seems like this electric road warrior is pretty much completed. At the very least, Vince has let Llewellyn take the wheel on public roads.

The only thing Nemesis seems to lack is sufficient sound dampening. This thing is loud! Ok, not fire-breathing, earplugs-required, jet-engine loud, but not at all the "silent killer" that electric vehicles are sometimes made out to be. As the accelerator is pressed, Nemesis leaps forward with a simultaneous increase in the pitch of its insistent whine. An attribute Vince and Llewellyn joke is reminiscent of a Stuka dive bomber.

During the drive they discuss a few interesting items. For instance, Mr. Vince has a few speed records he'd like to set and trips he plans to take, including a Land's End to John o' Groats wind-powered run with Llewellyn next summer. He also mentions there is a Mark II sitting on a drawing board waiting for them to decide whether to go into production. Finally, he touched upon a very important feature of the Nemesis. A red button on the dash stands ready to unleash fire extinguishing materials all about the 36 kWh battery pack should the need arise. Hopefully, that will never be pushed accidentally or otherwise. Hit the jump to experience this aurally-scintillating sensation for yourself.

[Source: Fully Charged]

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