DrivingRoad.com puts the co-driver into your GPS device – Click above to watch video after the jump

DrivingRoad.com is a new site that aims to cater to those who enjoy that early morning weekend blast up a canyon road. The members-only website offers information on the best driving roads around the country. Simply offering maps and road information doesn't seem like it should require a fee, which is why DrivingRoad.com posts downloadable route information for GPS devices.

The content isn't simply "go here, have fun." Pace notes are incorporated into the GPS route guidance and your device can now act as a co-driver. Information is audibly relayed so you know what type of turn you are heading into and what to expect on the other side. This data isn't cultivated simply by user-driven reviews, either – a team of editors establish all the content so the format is consistent across the site.

Founder Andrew, states:
"DrivingRoad.com was born out of a passion for driving great cars on great roads. That passion is unexplainable to most, but when experienced, the thrill is like none other in the world. That idea of thrilling, unrestrained freedom is what we are all about."
If you are a fan of finding that great driving road, this sounds like the ideal tool for you. Currently, the site is launching in beta and only has California roads ready for download. Once the system has been fully tested through the beta launch, DrivingRoad.com will be release road information for the rest of the country. See for yourself in the video, after the jump.

You can register for membership in three ways: Pay a yearly rate of $30, a quarterly rate of $11, or a monthly rate of $5. However, DrivingRoad.com has extended a special offer to Autoblog readers; you can sign up for a yearly membership for $20 if you go through this link: DrivingRoad.com Membership.

[Source: DrivingRoad.com]

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