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It seems Go-Ped has a new secret weapon. An improved variant of their Hoverboard that could help fighting both crime and traffic was just revealed to the company's Facebook fans. The prototype high performance portable patrol vehicle (PPV) takes the fully-suspended American-made stand-up scooter, upgrades most of the components and adds some cool options.

The scooter features one full kilowatt hour (kWh) worth of lithium battery to provide the juice for the T2V3 Torkinator motor that we hear was originally developed for "Robot Wars." The new power plant, combined with a higher sprocket ratio, can take the stealth machine to speeds of 30 miles per hour and handle a 300 lb rider (no doughnut jokes, please). Disk brakes front and back should provide plenty of stopping power. Range is said to be 30 miles and it comes with a nifty wireless remote "Go-Key" to get your journeys started.

Boasting a taller and stronger handle bar that easily folds down and a weight of just 60 pounds, the PPV can easily be stashed in the trunk of a police cruiser. Speaking of storage, one of the new options is a handy "quick snap trunk" that looks quite capable of handling extra handcuffs, a dozen doughnuts (sorry!) and perhaps, a drug-sniffing lap dog. Though not all at the same time. I mean, really. Would you stash your dog with your doughnuts? No, you would not.

While there's no word on whether Go-Ped will build these scooters for retail customers, we can only imagine they would be eager for orders from law enforcement agencies in cities and campuses across the land. They must be somewhat more flexible and whole lot faster than the Segways the NYPD purchased in the past. Hit the jump for a taste of some NYC traffic fighting Go-Ped action.

[Source: Go-Ped]

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