Radiator Springs Racers – Click above to watch video after the jump

One of our favorite automotive-themed toys from our days as auto-obsessed ankle biters was the slot car track. It wasn't that watching scale-replicas of our favorite cars going around and around in circles was all that entertaining. Nor was it the skill required to keep your racer wheels-down for more than one lap. We just liked imagining what it would be like to drive a car at break-neck speeds held to the ground via the magic of magnets. It looks like we weren't the only ones with that fantasy.

Disney has released a video showing exactly what we can expect from the new Radiator Springs Racer attraction at its California Adventure theme park. That smiling car we saw earlier will dart around a life-size track, complete with high-banked turns and plenty of elevation changes. Even better, the video shows the ride building some pretty good speed, too. Disney says that the attraction is built on the same architecture as the Test Track ride at Epcot in Florida.

So, it may not be Cedar Point-rivaling speed or acceleration, let alone the 150-mile-per-hour Formula Rossa at Ferrari World. Still, sounds like fun to us. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself.

[Source: Motor World Hype]

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