Navigon no longer makes hardware for sale in the U.S., but if you still pine for the days of the 2090S you bought from Radio Shack then they might have some software for you. The German company has released an app for Android phones (to go with its already released app for the iPhone) with a few features aimed at enhancing your journey.

Reality View Pro is meant to provide better intersection visuals, Traffic Live and red light and speed camera warnings assist with getting there quickly and without extra premiums. Google search keeps you in touch with the local action, and text-to-speech can read street names so you actually find that action.

Speaking of Google, though, since the Android OS is a Google property, most of those phones will come with Google Navigation free. If you're looking reasons to spend $39.99 on the Navigon option, Reality View might do it – an augmented reality function that provides information overlays when you point your phone's camera at a point of interest. The Navigon app also comes with the whole U.S. road map preloaded, so no waiting for a connection if you get thrown off course. Oh, and that $39.99 price is only for two weeks – after that it goes up to $59.99.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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