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To get the hovering effect of the Luke Skywalker's landspeeder in the original Star Wars movie, the producers used vaseline on the lens to cover the wheels making contact with the ground. To shoot your own recreation of this scene, you're going to need a landspeeder, right? The truly serious fan would already own one of these but if you don't have that model, you might want to look into getting an Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV). it's not Star War-specific, but Mike Vetter, aka "Kit Car Mike," has certainly created a vehicle that looks like it could fit into George Lucas's universe, as you can see in the picture above.

Vetter is converting one of his ETVs, which are built on 2006 Chevy Aveo chassis, to battery power in Micco, FL. The latest news is that the electric vehicle (EV) is now using the "equally futuristic" MiMod EV monitoring and control system. MiMod monitors the battery and also:
provides controls for all of the ETV's sensors including an impressive pneumatic body lifting and lowering system. All vehicle functions along with GPS and entertainment systems are handled by the operator through the MiMod dash-mounted touch-screen. In addition, "ahead-of-driver" digital instrumentation is now being built into the EV that will show speed, state-of-charge, amp hours, total volts, heading/direction and other safety indicators.
The gas-powered ETVs start at around $86,000, so don't think a battery-powered one will come cheap. We're guessing it'll cost more than 2,000 credits. There's a video of an ETV on the road after the jump.

[Source: The Car Factory]

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